Consultations are strictly by appointment only. They can be booked either through the solicitor or by the client directly with ARC Trichology, through email or via the telephone. We will make every effort to respond to all requests for an appointment for consultation within 2 working days of receipt. Our scale of charges is available upon request.

A consultation, whether for litigation purposes or otherwise, will take approximately one hour.

A consultation for the purpose of litigation will consist of taking a detailed account of the case history and a visual examination of the Claimant. Samples of any damaged hair may be taken when relevant for microscopic examination. Photographic evidence of the Claimant's injuries may also be taken if appropriate.

A consultation for any other trichological disorder will consist of taking a detailed account of the patients medical history, family history, diet and relevant lifestyle, prescription and non-prescription medication. Thorough examination of the hair and scalp will take place and samples may be taken for microscopic evaluation where necessary. A diagnosis will be reached and a prognosis given to the patient. Referrals to the patients GP for further investigation may be necessary.

Ms Coll is licensed to manufacture and/or prescribe medicaments for the patient's home use and appropriate advice will be given at either type of consultation should treatment be relevant. Various medicaments will be available to order at the time of consultation should the client wish to do so. Advice on issues such as wigs, scalp surgery, hair removal, hair transplants, etc will be given where deemed appropriate.

If you would like further information then please visit our contact page to find details of how to get in touch with us.