Legal services

Our non-orthodox Tricho-Legal reports are composed under Single Joint, Claimant or Defendant instruction. They can relate to any of the following, though not exclusively:-Scalp (or any hair-bearing skin) surgery, injury, trauma, chemical reaction, accident, faulty hairdressing/beauty procedures; hair condition or damage pertaining to the use of, for example, bleaching, permanent-waving, permanent-colour, straightening, hair extensions.

Upon receiving instruction from a reputable solicitor, and their acceptance of our terms and conditions, ARC Trichology will make an appointment to consult and examine the Claimant at our consulting room in Huddersfield. We will deem to achieve this within two weeks of instruction. In exceptional circumstances, at the Consultant's discretion, it may be possible for the Consultant to travel to the Claimant's place of residence.

An unbiased Tricho-Legal report will be composed for the county court. This report will be based in the main part upon the following criteria and documentation: Claimant and/or Defence witness statements and documentation provided to us by either party; photographic and/or sample evidence, which can either be provided by the Claimant or taken by the Consultant, if relevant, on the day of examination; medical records of the Claimant; study of the case history(s); any relevant research as necessary.

The completed report detailing our findings, technical investigation, opinion and prognosis will then be presented to the instructing solicitor within 2 to 4 weeks of consultation with the Claimant.

A sample report and scale of charges can be provided upon written request.

If you would like further information then please visit our contact page to find details of how to get in touch with us.